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Exchange of a product:


Conditions for the exchange or return of a product


In compliance with the Regulations for the customer’s protection you, our Customers, have the right to put a claim for the goods in 7 work days after you have received them since the moment of your purchase.

You also have the right to have the goods exchanged, to have a price discount or to be given back the money you have paid.


Conditions on which the goods can be returned:


-         The goods should be in its original package without being open, unwrapped or damaged; the label should be left on its place;

-         The customer has to keep the goods in the condition they have been delivered by our courier up to the term mentioned above;

-         The goods do not have to be damaged by activities like washing, ironing, cutting, sewing, dry cleaning, etc.


In case that  there are any damages with the goods and they do not follow the stated conditions of the above agreement we will give you them back but the delivery will be at your expense.


1.     The transportation and the delivery are at customer’s expense.

2.     The cost for the exchanged product will be at customer’s expense.



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